Federal Crimes

Federal Criminal Defense Attorney Based in Baltimore

Too much is at stake to put your criminal case in the hands of a lesser-experienced attorney that is only interested in a plea bargain. Contact our firm now for legal representation that is aggressive and focused on protecting your rights. Trying a case in federal court requires a seasoned trial lawyer with experience at that level. At Jack B. Rubin, PA in Baltimore, Maryland, our founder has appeared in federal court on behalf of his clients charged with a variety of crimes.

Seasoned Federal Crimes Attorney

Jack B. Rubin established our firm to advocate for clients charged with crimes ranging from misdemeanors to felonies. Many times, that results in him appearing in federal court on behalf of our clients, bringing his experience and thorough knowledge of federal sentencing guidelines. At our office, we take a personalized approach in communicating those guidelines to our clients. You may very well be sentenced for your crime, but we will try to mitigate the severity of the penalty, even if it involves jail time.

Results-Driven and Dedicated

At Jack B. Rubin, PA, we strive for the best outcome in every criminal case we handle. At the federal level, that involves achieving prison sentences below what the guidelines mandate. We will review your past criminal record and any mitigating circumstances involving your crime. From there, we put our legal experience to work and build a compelling argument for a lesser sentence.

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