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Today in the state of Maryland there are a number of different traffic violations you can be charged with. They range from speeding, driving without insurance and driving drunk. A very common moving violation, especially with younger drivers, is text messaging while driving. This form of careless, or inattentive driving can be caused by several factors such as sending, reading and receiving texts while driving. In Maryland, it is illegal to drive recklessly, carelessly and/or negligently. This type driving can cause an accident ultimately causing bodily injury and even death. With that inattentive driving is taken very seriously in Maryland. Legal penalties for reckless, careless, inattentive or negligent driving may include fines and court costs. Points on your driving record and a possible drivers license suspension are also consequences of careless or reckless driving in Maryland. Being convicted of such driving can also raise your insurance premiums, impact your driving privileges, and even effect your ability to get and maintain employment.

If you have been pulled over and accused of, or charged with, Inattentive Driving in Maryland it is in your best interest to consult with an experienced criminal defense lawyer. Call Jack B. Rubin, PA at 410.727.8710. You can also contact us online.

Baltimore Maryland Inattentive Driving Causes

Getting pulled over and being cited for inattentive or careless driving is very common in Maryland. Anyone can who is distracted while they drive can be pulled over in Maryland. Examples of distracted or negligent driving are operating a vehicle in a careless manner without regard for the road, weather or traffic conditions. If you are not giving your undivided attention while driving you can ultimately be accused of careless driving. Using any type of technological device such as a BlackBerry, IPod, cell phone, GPS or handheld internet device is one of the most common reasons for being pulled over for inattentive driving.

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Our lawyers provide skilled and tenacious criminal defense to his clients. He treats each case as if it were his own. He also acknowledges that an Inattentive Driving conviction can have an impact on all areas of your life and will do everything in his power to minimize the consequences for you. We believe in helping you to maintain your driving privileges so that you are able to work, go to school and other necessary destinations.

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If you have been charged with Inattentive Driving, Reckless Driving or Negligent Driving in the Baltimore-Annapolis area please contact Jack B. Rubin, PA to protect your rights and driving privileges. We will thoroughly and aggressively defend your rights in an effort to achieve the most favorable outcome possible and minimize the negative legal, professional & financial consequences. Please call Mr. Rubin at 410.727.8710 or contact our attorneys online.

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