Internet Crimes

Baltimore Attorney Aggressively Defending Clients Charged with Internet Crimes

Too much is at stake to put your criminal case in the hands of a lesser-experienced attorney that is only interested in a plea bargain. Contact our firm now for legal representation that is aggressive and focused on protecting your rights.
Being accused of possessing child pornography can carry the same impact as a conviction. The court of public opinion may deem you guilty. At Jack B. Rubin, PA in Baltimore, Maryland, we do not share that belief and will work hard on your behalf.

Your Rights to a Strong Defense

You are entitled to your day in court, even when charged with serious Internet crimes that involve child pornography or solicitation of a minor. While some may deem you immediately guilty, we will work hard to establish a strong defense for you. That will involve teaming with a forensic computer expert to determine where the item was located on your hard drive or who else had access to your computer. We will look at the facts free of any emotional elements and ensure that your rights are protected.

Identifying Issues Related to Internet Crimes

At Jack B. Rubin, PA, we will analyze all aspects of your case, including any personal issues. Some clients come to us suffering addictions to child pornography. We are not hired to pass judgment on you. Our job is to get our clients the help they need. It not only promotes the mental health of our clients, but it can also mitigate sentencing if a judge believes that the individual is confronting the problem that got them in trouble.

The Prospect of Sex Offender Registration

Convictions many times involve lifetime sex offender registration. That is a penalty that stays with you long after any jail time or probation. The consequences are severe, mandating that you retain an aggressive and successful criminal defense attorney.

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