Bench Warrants

Do You Have A Bench Warrant Issued Against You?

If you have been charged with a crime in Maryland, you will face several legal obligations related to your arrest. If you don’t carry them out, you will have a bench warrant issued for your arrest. A bench warrant can also be called a “capias” — a type of writ requiring an officer to take someone into custody.

Once the bench warrant is issued, if you have any interaction with police, you will be arrested. Being arrested in a scenario like this can cause you a significant amount of aggravation. That is why you should be proactive and consult with an attorney who is experienced with resolving such warrants.

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Reasons For Bench Warrants Being Issued In Maryland

You may have a bench warrant issued for your arrest once you have done any of the following after being arrested in Maryland:

  • Neglected or failed to make a scheduled court or sentencing appearance
  • Neglected or failed to pay fines, fees or child support payments
  • Violated a court order such as failing to perform community service

Penalties If Arrested Via Bench Warrant In Maryland

What happens if you are ultimately arrested by police for something unrelated to your bench warrant, such as at a routine traffic stop?

If that happens, you will be taken into custody immediately. You may be held without bail until your court date. Because you failed to fulfill all legal obligations after your earlier arrest, the penalties and consequences may be very severe once you go to court.

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