Appeals and Post Conviction

Baltimore Attorneys Getting Clients a Second Chance at the Court of Appeals

A conviction does not have to be the final say in your criminal matter. At Rubin & Pipkin, PA in Baltimore, Maryland, we are experienced in representing clients in post-conviction hearings and at the Court of Appeals.

Post-Conviction Arguments on Your Behalf

If you feel your trial attorney did not properly represent you, contact us. We have taken on many cases and found areas where the previous attorney fell short in his or her defense. If a lawyer provided ineffective assistance at trial, his or her client could be burdened with a jail sentence. On your behalf, we will argue to the court that there were underlying issues that should have been raised by your trial attorney. Our goal is to vacate your conviction and have a new trial ordered.

Appealing Your Guilty Plea

Many clients who come to our firm plead guilty without knowing the consequences of their admission. The court may not have had proper jurisdiction. Your sentence could be over the mandated guidelines. The attorney representing you may have acted in an incompetent manner. Maybe you were unaware of the true consequences of your guilty plea, including registration as a sex offender. We will talk you through all of your legal options and try to get you the result you deserve.

Appealing Your Conviction at Trial

Clients who are found guilty at trial have an automatic right to appeal. Staci L. Pipkin will perform a detailed review of your trial transcript. We have the experience and legal knowledge to spot the smallest detail related to objections and the preservation of certain arguments. From there, we conduct exhaustive legal research, write briefs and prepare to argue your case at the Court of Appeals.

Coram Nobis

Coram nobis is a Latin term meaning ‘in our presence’. In the legal context it means ‘the error before us’ and refers to correcting a previous legal error. If someone has already been convicted of a crime and has served their time an attorney can file a coram nobis petition. The purpose behind the petition is to possibly remove probation requirements, restrictions or eliminate court mandated fines and fees. In some cases a coram nobis petition can also be used to attempt to restore voting rights, the ability to own a gun and improve the possibility of obtaining employment. In addition, a coram nobis petition can also be used to challenge a conviction if someone is facing deportation.

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