Guns & Firearms Offenses

Baltimore Attorney Protecting the Constitutional Rights of Clients Charged with Firearms Offenses

Too much is at stake to put your criminal case in the hands of a lesser-experienced attorney that is only interested in a plea bargain. Contact our firm now for legal representation that is aggressive and focused on protecting your rights.

A conviction of a weapons offense is serious and involves mandatory minimum sentences. At Jack B. Rubin, PA in Baltimore, Maryland, we recognize the possible consequences and work hard to build your defense and protect your rights.

Proper Search and Seizure

Search and seizure issues play a major role in an assault case involving a weapon. Searching for a handgun or any other firearm requires following detailed procedures, including obtaining a search warrant. If law enforcement falls short, we will move to have the evidence suppressed and your case dismissed.

Establishing Your Weapons Charge Defense

At Jack B. Rubin, PA, we take a detail-oriented approach to assault and other cases that involve the use of a weapon. We review police reports, witness testimony and any other information that will help get to the facts of your case. You should not choose between going it alone or accepting an immediate plea bargain for assault with a deadly weapon without an attorney.

Protecting Your Rights and Finding the Best Outcome

No matter how serious the charges are, you have rights that need protection. Our job is to identify the best course of action for your criminal case to achieve the best outcome. That may involve plea bargaining or a trial. Even though mandatory minimum sentencing guidelines exist, we can find creative ways to get around that through alternative sentencing.

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