Theft Crimes

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Too much is at stake to put your criminal case in the hands of a lesser-experienced attorney that is only interested in a plea bargain. Contact our firm now for legal representation that is aggressive and focused on protecting your rights.

When you come to Rubin & Pipkin, PA in Baltimore, Maryland following an arrest for theft or any other type of white collar crime, we get to the facts beyond just the evidence and police reports. There may be more to the story and we take an aggressive approach in getting that information.

Mitigating Circumstances in White Collar Crimes

Financial problems face many people and sometimes they take steps outside of the law to rectify them. An employee may steal money from his or her company to offset certain debts, committing a serious white collar crime. A customer may write checks that bounce to pay for household necessities. Drug addiction can force the most law-abiding citizen to take what does not belong to them. Make no mistake about it. This type of fraud is still a crime, but we want to bring the mitigating circumstances to the attention of the courts.

Aggressive Representation with Personalized Service

At Rubin & Pipkin, PA, we provide aggressive representation with a level of compassion for your situation. Our personalized approach involves spending the time with you that we need to get to the facts of your case. If your case involves desperation and not malice, we will seek alternatives to jail time. Restitution, home detention, and even treatment for a drug addiction are all viable options.

The Need for Diligent Legal Advocacy

Conversely, if you are falsely accused of a white collar crime, we will work just as hard to prove your innocence. While law enforcement and the prosecution may want you to plea bargain without the help of a lawyer, contact us first. We will review your case and provide you with the best options available based on the facts and evidence.

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