Baltimore authorities charge man with drug possession and intent to distribute

On behalf of Jack B. Rubin, PA posted in Drug Charges on Saturday, August 11, 2012.

A man could spend up to four decades in prison after being charged with drug possession and intent to distribute. Police say the 30-year-old man was found with about 200 pieces of heroin and 56 bags of cocaine and was planning to distribute the drugs in the Baltimore area.

The charges stem from an incident in April 2011. Police say the man was with other men when he walked away from the group and went into a wooded area. Police were watching and followed the man. They claim they saw him reach under a board. He apparently dropped a plastic bag from his hands after police shined a flashlight at him.

A case like this is quite serious. The potential penalties could impact an individual’s entire life. A person may face significant time behind bars along with fines and probation.

Because the stakes are so high, Baltimore residents who face serious drug charges would be wise to seek out the help of an experienced criminal defense attorney. After analyzing the evidence in a case, an attorney can determine the best course of action going forward.

For some, that may mean vigorously fighting the charges. For others, that may mean negotiating with prosecutors for a plea agreement.

Whatever defense an individual chooses to pursue, they should remember that they remain innocent unless proven guilty in a court of law. A charge is very different from a conviction. Only after prosecutors have proven their case beyond a reasonable doubt can a conviction be secured.

Source: CBS Baltimore, “Man Charged With Drug Possession And Intent to Distribute Heroin In Baltimore,” Aug. 8, 2012

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