Maryland man faces burglary, robbery, weapons charge

On behalf of Jack B. Rubin, PA posted in Weapons Crimes on Wednesday, September 26, 2012.

Weapons charges can have a serious impact on those who find themselves facing such allegations. One Maryland man recently found himself accused of a weapons charge and other criminal accusations after he allegedly tied up a man and woman in their home and robbed them. Authorities charged the man with various burglary, robbery, assault, weapons and other criminal acts stemming from the incident.

A man alleges that the accused Maryland man forced his way into the home, tied up the two people using duct tape and stole approximately $3,230 from him. The intruder also allegedly brandished a gun and used it to force the people to comply with his orders. The man who was robbed was apparently able to free himself from the duct tape before freeing the woman. She called for authorities while the man chased after the man who is said to have robbed them.

Officers revealed that they arrived to find the man pursuing the alleged robber. They further reported recovering the stolen money and two guns in the area after searching the detained man once he was apprehended. He now faces a slew of criminal charges connected with this incident.

At last report, the man was being held in jail pending a $250,000 bond. Despite the serious nature of the weapons charge and related allegations made against him, he enjoys the same legal right to be presumed innocent that all Maryland citizens are guaranteed thanks to the U.S. Constitution. Prosecutors must present enough evidence to meet their burden of proof in order to prove the charges against him. Failing that, no conviction for the offenses alleged can occur.

Source: Annapolis, MD Patch, “Arrest Made in Home Invasion,” Anna Staver, Sept. 21, 2012

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