Maryland State Police arrest man on suspicion of DUI

On behalf of Jack B. Rubin, PA posted in Drunk Driving on Wednesday, October 17, 2012.

Maryland State Police recently arrested a man for suspected drunk driving, and then tacked on a resisting arrest charge as well. The charges came about after authorities received reports that an apparently-intoxicated person was leaving an area casino. The reports stated that casino personnel ejected the man from the casino because of alleged intoxicated and disorderly behavior and that the man then got behind the wheel of a pickup truck that was towing a jet ski.

According to authorities, after these reports were received, police spotted the above-mentioned pickup truck, observed it committing traffic violations and pulled it over.

After pulling the pickup truck over, police asked the man to undergo some field sobriety tests. It has been reported that the man refused to undergo said tests.

At that point, Maryland State Police began the process of arresting the man on suspicion of drunk driving. Allegedly, when authorities began processing the man at their police barracks, he became combative. That is when police charged him with resisting arrest.

The man evidently has a record of past DUI offenses.

DUI charges can have serious repercussions for those individuals who find themselves facing them. The man may have past DUI offenses on his record, but he is still entitled to the same presumption of innocence as any other criminal defendant. Prosecutors must present relevant evidence in regards to this specific incident rather than depending upon any previous allegations of wrongdoing. The man, meanwhile, has the right to mount a vigorous defense against the pending charges.

Source: The Dispatch, “Three Arrested For Crack,” Oct. 5, 2012

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