Man faces Maryland drunk driving, other related charges

On behalf of Jack B. Rubin, PA posted in Drunk Driving on Tuesday, November 27, 2012.

The criminal justice system can seem complicated to navigate for those who are unused to its twists and turns. One Maryland man is discovering this fact himself after authorities accused him of drunk driving. Police officials report that they stopped the man one recent evening because they believed that he might have been operating a motor vehicle while intoxicated.

They further allege that the man attempted to flee police custody after they pulled him over. Police began the process of arresting the man only to have him flee on foot. They pursued the man and were apparently able to apprehend him soon after. Once they took him back into custody, they were able to continue with their arrest of the alleged drunk driver.

Authorities charged the man with various charges, including driving a vehicle under the influence of alcohol, driving a vehicle while impaired, consuming an alcoholic beverage while in a vehicle’s passenger compartment and resisting arrest. The man was released after he posted a $3,000 bail. He will now get the chance to begin preparing a criminal defense against the various allegations made against him if he so chooses.

All criminal defendants in the state of Maryland have the right to confront the charges authorities file against them. The burden of proof rightfully rests with the prosecution; however, defendants may present a valid and relevant defense against such drunk driving charges. Alternatively, they may also choose to plea to lesser charges in order to get a more favorable outcome in situations where they feel that such a course of action is more appropriate.

Source:, “Man charged with resisting arrest, DUI,” Nov. 16, 2012

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