Maryland corrections officer’s criminal defense takes plea deal

On behalf of Jack B. Rubin, PA posted in Drug Charges on Wednesday, October 2, 2013.

As human beings, there are numerous situations we get ourselves into that can cloud our better judgment. For example, when one is in love, one wants to make one’s love interest happy, no matter the cost. Love is so powerful that it can even make police officers, who have sworn to uphold the law, break the law. A female corrections officer working in a Maryland detention center has recently been arrested for racketeering in a drug smuggling case, and her criminal defense has advised her to take a plea deal.

The corrections officer has a child with one of the men who is currently incarcerated at the detention center where she works. Allegedly, this man is a leader in the Black Guerilla Family gang. He supposedly asked the corrections officer to smuggle drugs and other contraband into the detention center, and she allegedly complied to do so.

However, this corrections officer is not the only one who has been arrested for racketeering and other charges. Supposedly, 13 other female corrections officers were also arrested under these drug charges. In light of the drug and corruption problems, Maryland has begun to review its correctional system in the hopes of eradicating these problems.

Under her plea agreement, the corrections officer did not give exact dates of her crimes, but she did admit that the allegations were representative of what she had done. She faces up to 20 years in prison for her part in the smuggling ring. Maryland professionals in criminal law are available to provide one with a fair and unbiased trial and to provide the best criminal defense for one’s case, whether that means accepting a plea deal or not.

Source:, Second corrections officer pleads guilty in jail smuggling case, Ian Duncan, Sept. 18, 2013

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