Drunk driving in Maryland could lead to criminal charges

On behalf of Jack B. Rubin, PA posted in Drunk Driving on Friday, January 24, 2014.

Drunk driving is a particularly serious crime that no state takes lightly. Taking a vehicle that is not personally owned property is also quite a serious crime. There can be consequences to drunk driving in Maryland that could follow a person for the rest of his or her lives. Consequences could include losing a license, being arrested and possibly even doing jail time.

Police allege that a man took a vehicle that belonged to his employer and went for a joy ride while supposedly intoxicated. He apparently crashed the vehicle into a ditch after a significant snowfall, and police responded. When the police were talking to the man, they reported smelling an alcoholic odor from the man’s breath.

The report also indicated that the man’s license was also suspended at the time of the crash. Following the incident, the man allegedly refused to perform a Breathalyzer test and was arrested. Although he was arrested for DUI and the apparent theft of the vehicle, the man was released on his personal recognizance by a commissioner of the court.

It was not determined in the report if the man was going to lose his job, but he will have to face the charges that have been filed against him by the state of Maryland. The DUI charge may cause more problems than necessary if it is not handled properly. It would probably be beneficial for the man to obtain counsel to assist him in the case proceedings. Handling a drunk driving situation the right way can ultimately save a person from any trouble that could come from it in the future.

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