Maryland man charged with drug possession

On behalf of Jack B. Rubin, PA posted in Drug Charges on Monday, September 15, 2014.

A Maryland man was taken into police custody on Sept. 9 after he was accused of attempting to run from the authorities following a traffic stop. According to the report, alleged drugs were found concealed in the man’s vehicle, prompting his supposed intent to flee.

Authorities stated that the man was stopped by a K-9 unit after he committed a traffic violation, though it was not reported what violation was committed. As the officer approached the vehicle, the dog allegedly responded, leading to a search of the vehicle. The officer reportedly recovered alleged amounts of crack cocaine, marijuana and pills that had been hidden behind the dashboard. A report stated that the man subsequently attempted to flee the scene on foot. He then unsuccessfully tried to enter a nearby residence and an occupied vehicle. The accused man was then taken into custody by several officers.

He was ultimately charged with multiple offenses including possession, second-degree escape, attempted burglary and resisting arrest, among other offenses. It was not known when his next court appearance would be.

Those who are charged with possession of cocaine and other illegal substances following a traffic stop could potentially face a number of consequences that can include jail. However, an attorney could potentially provide an argument that results in the authorities either dropping the charges or reducing them. For example, if the attorney finds evidence that an illegal traffic stop was conducted on the defendant, certain evidence obtained in an unlawful search and seizure may be waived. If a K-9 unit is involved, it may be proven that the animal was wrongly provoked into a response.

Source:, “Man Runs from Police, Arrested on Drug Charges“, September 10, 2014

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