Pair accused of dealing drugs at food court

On behalf of Jack B. Rubin, PA posted in Drug Charges on Tuesday, February 17, 2015.

Two men in Maryland were arrested on Feb. 9 for allegedly selling heroin from a food court in the mall. Police were initially notified about a report of theft occurring that afternoon at Jennifer Road’s 100 block in Annapolis. After a preliminary investigation, police discovered that the persons of interests were residing at the same residence being investigated for distributing drugs at a food court at the Annapolis Mall.

Police claim to have identified the two men at the food court as matching the descriptions of the suspects allegedly selling drugs in the area. Officers say they recovered marijuana, MDMA, a small bag of cocaine and 11 bags of a substance suspected to be heroin. Once police executed a search warrant, they were also able to recover drug paraphernalia from the two men. Both men accused of distributing the drugs are 25 years old.

Officers charged the pair with distribution possession of narcotics. One of the men is a resident of Glen Burnie, and the other is from Severn. Both men may benefit from obtaining a criminal defense lawyer before cooperating with investigators. Legal counsel may be able to investigate the legality of the warrant or search and seizure used to recover evidence that provided grounds for making an arrest. Lawyers may also be able to help prevent the men from making incriminating statements to police that could help convict them of serious crimes later on in trial.

People facing serious drug charges often benefit from consulting a lawyer. Defense lawyers may be able to have the case dismissed or get the accused exonerated if they can prove misconduct or a rights violation was committed by an agent of the state. If there is not enough evidence for an acquittal, legal counsel may still be able to obtain a favorable plea bargain for the accused.

Source: Annapolis Patch, “Heroin dealers doing business out of mall food court: Police,” Deb Belt, Feb. 11, 2015

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