Alcohol treatment programs

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In Maryland, a driver who is accused of drinking and driving may be eligible to attend an alcohol education program in lieu of other potential punishments. If the accused person is not found to be an alcohol abuser or dependent on alcohol, they may be required to attend a 12-hour program; if the person is identified as an alcohol abuser or alcohol dependent, they may be required to complete a 26-week Alcohol Treatment Program.

One program that an accused drunk driver may be ordered to attend is the 12-hour Alcohol Education Program. There are several reasons that a person may be required to attend these classes. For example, a person may be referred to a program by a district court judge or an administrative law judge. Someone who had their license revoked after being involved in an alcohol-related incident may also be required to attend the class when applying for a new license.

A person has 90 days from the due date on their referral letter to attend a program. They must contact an AEP provider to sign up. If a person does not attend the program, their driving privileges will be suspended, and they will not be able to apply for a new driver’s license until they have completed the program.

When a person is accused of drunk driving, they are at risk for a number of different punishments, including the loss of their driving privileges. Not only can a criminal defense attorney potentially protect their client from a driver’s license suspension, but they may also be able to have their client enter into an alcohol treatment program in lieu of harsher punishments. Additionally, if it is apparent that their client is alcohol dependent, they may get them into a longer treatment program.

Source: MVA, “12-Hour Alcohol Education (AEP) Program Requirements,” Accessed March 4, 2015

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