Maryland man charged with DUI after crash

On behalf of Jack B. Rubin, PA posted in Drunk Driving on Monday, March 9, 2015.

Police say that a drunk driver ran into a taxi and two other cars before crashing into a home at about 5 p.m. on Saturday, Feb. 28. The accident took place on Riggs Road in Adelphi, and the driver crashed into the home after losing control of his vehicle. Authorities say that the incident started when the man collided with a taxi.

The taxi driver was not hurt, and the two other cars the man hit were empty. No one inside of the home was injured, but the house had to be condemned. The man who caused the crash was trapped inside of his van for a short period of time before he was transported to a trauma center with injuries not considered to be life-threatening. Police say that the driver was charged with DUI and various other traffic offenses.

Drivers who are charged with drunk driving may face serious consequences. They may end up having to spend time in jail, having their licenses revoked or suspended and paying a heavy fine. Therefore, it may be in a driver’s best interest to contact a DUI defense attorney after being charged with such an offense. The attorney may be able to work out a plea bargain or win a full acquittal.

An attorney may work to cast doubt on the case against a client by questioning the results of a blood or breath test. The attorney may also choose to question witness testimony or anything that a driver said or did that may have led to a drunk driving charge. If an officer said that a driver’s speech was slurred, it could be argued that the driver was merely suffering from a medical condition. That could be enough to cast doubt on the charge and have it downgraded or dismissed.

Source: WUSA, “Drunk driver trapped in van after crashing into Adelphi home”, Feb. 28, 2015

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