Possession of bath salts can lead to serious consequences

On behalf of Jack B. Rubin, PA posted in Drug Charges on Friday, January 15, 2016.

Recent years have seen an increased production and use of so-called “designer drugs.” And while the phrase may sound less serious than words like “heroin” and “cocaine,” in Maryland, the sale and possession of designer drugs are taken very seriously by law enforcement officials.

One designer drug that has caught special attention of state authorities is called “bath salts.” Bath salts typically come in powder or crystal form. The drug can be snorted, smoked, injected and taken orally.

But what is particularly troubling about bath salts is the drug’s potentially addictive qualities. An advisory put out by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration warns that experimental evidence indicates that use of bath salts can lead to intense cravings.

A review article speculates that potential for addiction may be likely because the chemicals contained in the drug promote dopamine transmission. This reaction is similar to that caused by the use of cocaine. The effects of baths salts are also described as being not unlike those of crystal methamphetamine.

What this means is that it can be extremely easy for a person to develop a bath salts habit that he or she cannot control. And in Maryland, bath salts have been designated a Dangerous Controlled Substance. Those found in possession of the drug may face either felony or misdemeanor charges.

A conviction for possession of bath salts could result in a number of penalties including fines, probation or even jail time. Moreover, the charges could affect many aspects of your life, including your personal relationships and employment opportunities.

As such, bath salts charges are best addressed with a strong defense that is put together by an experienced attorney. If your arrest can be attributed to a serious addiction, the attorney may be able to help you get into a drug diversion program in lieu of harsher measures.

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