Drug addiction can affect people from all parts of society

On behalf of Jack B. Rubin, PA posted in Drug Charges on Sunday, March 20, 2016.

There are many aspects of chemical dependency that are not clearly understood. It is for this reason that people still get trapped by addictions that they feel powerless to overcome. And this sense of powerlessness is only one aspect of dependency with which many addicts struggle.

No one plans on becoming an addict and no one knows who will become one. Some people can experiment or use drugs for recreational purposes and never have serious issues. But for others it is a much different story.

Drug addiction is a truly human problem. As such, addiction crosses all our presumed societal boundaries and can find its victims everywhere, from below the poverty line all the way to the most expensive penthouse apartments.

But no matter your background, being arrested for possession can be a frightening and emotionally devastating experience. All of a sudden, your reputation could be severely damaged and you may even be facing incarceration. Your life, which was already made challenging by living with a drug habit, seems completely out of control.

But in such a daunting period, there are some things you should consider. First, your life has value and is worth protecting. And second, you have inherent legal rights, which can offer you certain protections.

Attorney Jack B. Rubin, PA, has experience in helping clients who have been arrested on drug possession charges. He understands that those who have substance abuse issues need help in dealing with their problems.

If your addiction was a factor in your arrest, Mr. Rubin can help get you in touch with a drug counselor. He can also work to have the outcome of your case emphasize treating your addiction rather than more punitive measures.

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